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To Maintain Green Enviroment

Nitya Plastic was established with the main thought of not only to gain the profit by managing the Plastic Waste from other companies but also to ensure that waste is being recycled in a very ECO- FRIENDLY manner.

The CEO of Nitya Plastic belong to a family where recycling of plastic was their Former Business.
The main approach of the company is totally practical as well as result giving. He, the CEO,

took a very good and healthy initiative for our environment and their practices and various methods is becoming one of the most popular methods to conserve our Natural Resources

How it started?

In the beginning of the Nitya Plastics, we started procuring it from the various Plastic Markets nearby their city but still there were
many problems for them, as the quality of the recycled material was not appropriate enough that it can be used again completely for making new products.

In order to find the solution, we thought for the procurement of material and finally tried buying the material from the
Manufacturing Plants itself Hence, Nitya Plastic and Team started from the small Private Milk Plants in Uttar Pradesh and slowly
gained respect as well as popularity.

Due to our regular and dynamic services as well as techniques, we were able to make the procurement contracts at the market rates without any trader in between. This technique helped us to grow our business at faster speed!

Our Aim:-

1:- Nitya Plastic is helping many companies to manage their Plastic Related Waste Material in a better way, without any impact on the environment and wants to help many companies as possible

2:- At “aim to recycle and reuse”, Nitya Plastic ensure that all the plastic collected are safely and properly segregated to remove any contamination risks before they are entered into the recycling process.

3:- Nitya Plastic wants to make a vision to procure material from the various shops malls in collaboration with the various companies

Nitya Plastic :–


Today, Nitya Plastic is growing in all over India and our team is helping many industries for managing their Plastic Waste Materials.
Many well- known companies are now connected with us, such as AMUL, MOTHER DAIRY, VITA, SARAS, VERKA

and many others are still connecting to our mission to reduce the waste.

Hence, with all the talented team and their teamwork, Nitya Plastic is to be the Biggest Recycler of Plastic Waste in all over India.

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